Friday, August 5, 2016

"...It is still the same spirit.."

Hello everyone!
So this week I am trying out a new method with writing home so I'll have more time when I get to the computers. Hopefully it works! 

When you first arrive at the MTC (CTM here) you get a blue dot on your badge which means you are a week one missionary. This week we got to take those off and now techincally we are in week 3 so me and my district are like "veterans" now!

All the days here just seem to blend together, it is crazy. Every day we wake up at 630 and go eat breakfast. Then we have studying, then a grammar lesson, then we teach our "investigators" then language study. Then lunch, then more teaching, then another lesson, then dinner and finally physical activity. So pretty busy, but I love it!!

Some cool experiences this week. My district is amazing and we had an awesome book of Mormon study about Abinadi. I love his example of faith and perserverance. Sunday is my favorite day here. In our Gospel Doctrine class, President Grohl teaches all of the English speakers in English which is a nice break. This last sunday we talked about The Savior and faith. One thing I took away is that faith is an action word. I thought that was way awesome. On Monday we had our first TRC, which is where we teach one of the instructors for 30 minutes like it would be teaching a lesson to a member in the field. Me and my companions talked about fasting. It was one of the most spiritual lessons we have had!! Also this week we started teaching on exchanges with Brazilians. They are so good with the language when teaching but my companion Elder Dos Santos from Cape Verde, said I did "very good for a guy who has only been here for 2 weeks."

The hymns in Portuguese are way cool but one thing that I love is that even though we are singing the same songs in a different language, it is still the same spirit that comes. My Portugues is improving a lot. I can talk with confidence and do not need notes for lessons anymore. The Gift of Tounges is real, I know that. 

Lastly, one thing that is sad about here is that all my friends I have made and gotten close to all leave at some point. I had to say bye to some friends this week, BUT I love it here. The Church is true!!
Elder Spencer P. Christofferson

P.S. I am the only missionary in this MTC who is going to Salvador South

P.P.S. Still am not able to send pictures. But don't worry, I'm taking a lot so I'll have lots to send when I am finally able to send them! :-)

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