Friday, July 29, 2016


Spencer finally had his first P-day! Not sure about the rest of you but the last 2 days of his first week seemed to drag by for me. I couldn't wait to hear from him and was so excited to see his name pop up in my inbox.

It sounds like they are so limited on time when they are using the computers to send emails at the MTC so many of you that emailed him probably got a generic response from him telling you thank you for writing and that he didn't have much time to email you back! SIDE NOTE: I told him before he left not to tell people he didn't have time when he responds to them because it's my PET PEEVE with missionary letters right now. They never seem to have enough time and they waste time telling people that! HA! Hopefully he'll get more time next P-day and if he doesn't I'm hoping he won't tell everyone he has no time! (Yes, he will still be getting "motherly advice" from me even though he's far away and this topic will be a part of that advice! :-)) Anyway, I have learned about a service they offer in Brazil similar to in Provo where you can send letters via email and then they print them, put them in an envelope and deliver it to the Brazil MTC. It takes about 2 or 3 days to deliver the letter but its great because then the missionaries get mail on other days of the week and on P-day can spend their time on the computer writing people back, instead of spending their time reading all the emails and telling people they have no time to write! Once I learn more about it and get it all set up I will let you know!  

Anyway, here is this week's letter. He sounds like he's doing great! 


Finally!! My first P-day!! Everyone here has been saying how fast the week has gone... not for me, haha! Well at least the first few days took along time but the last few went quickly.

Anyway, I don't really know how to even start this email cause there is so much to tell and we are on limited time so I will try to get as much as I can in!!

TUESDAY- Saying goodbye to the fam was so tough but I know I am here for a reason so that made it a little easier. After I said goodbye to Mom and Dad I was in the security line and the guy in front of me said "What Mission?". He just knew I was a missionary because of how I was dressed and I kept looking back at Mom and Dad. Elder Mabey, the other guy on my flight, and I met up and got on the plane. I sat next to a single mom from Scranton (the town in "The Office"), and a pilot for Delta who was on break for the moment. I got to know them pretty well considering our flight lasted 3 hours longer then expected!! Anyways we finally got to Atlanta and left the next day!

WEDNESDAY-  The flight to JFK was good!! Tried to get some pics of the city from the plane! Got Shake Shack in the airport which I have always wanted to try!! Flying First Class rocked! I slept the whole time! We got through customs all good and baggage was suprisingly fast! We got to our shuttle and the Brazil people drive INSANE. The cars get so close to each other and no one cares!! Everyone stared at us when we got here too! It was pretty funny!

THURSDAY- First day!! I am in a trio with Elder Squires and Elder Brown! Elder Squires is from Georgia and is super smart! Elder Brown is from a town in Michigan that is in dad's mission. Its called Shelby! Our main instructor is Irmão Santos. He is super funny and a good teacher. Portuguese is tough but I think I've got it so far. 

Writing by day is taking too long... so here are the highlights....

We taught our "investigators" everyday in Portuguese which is tough. But on our 3rd lesson I taught the First Vision part and said the whole thing in Portuguese from memory! That made me feel the Spirit so much!. I cannot wait to feel that spirit in the field with real investigators!! My district, which is the guys who I came into the MTC with and who I am with 24/7, is honestly so amazing. I am already so close with everyone and I love them already. Definitely some life long friends here! There are a lot of other sisters and elders here that I am already friends with and I seriously love it here! The food isn't bad, actually it is pretty good!! The spirit here is awesome!  This morning for our first P-day we went to the temple in Sao Paulo! It is so pretty but small but it still has the same spirit as the Los Angeles Temple. 

Love you all! 

Elder Christofferson 

PS- I Cannot send pics from the MTC so I will send them once I get to my mission!!

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