Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pictures coming soon.... (we hope)

Hi everyone!! 

I feel like I have been in the MTC forever. But at the same time not really. People say "the days feel like weeks, but the weeks feel like days." it is so true. This week flew by. 

So Saturday we went out proselyting. We for real went out into the streets of downtown Sao Paulo and handed out copies of the Book of Mormon. One thing I tried not to focus on was how terrified I actually was. We had personal study in the morning before we went out. I decided to study what Dad sent me in his first letter. I went to Matthew 28:20. It is a cool verse about missionary work and I really liked it. I saw the footnote for D&C 30:11 and decided to check it out. Boy was that a good idea. The part that got me was "yea, you shall ever open your mouth in my cause, not fearing what man can do, for I am with you. Amen." That scripture immediately calmed me. I thought why should I be scared if I have the Lord? I am out here to bring people to Christ so I should not fear anything. So I decided to have a no fear attitude and everything went fantastic! (Thanks Dad!) So we went out and as we started to talk and interact with people I felt so at peace. This truly is what I am supposed to be doing now with my life. Anyway, each Elder got 3 copies of the Book of Mormon to hand out. My companions and I started talking to people with no success. By about the 3rd person it was my turn to take the lead. I started talking to this middle aged guy and he was super nice and awesome and I could understand his Portuguese and he could understand mine! (I think). After about 6-8 mins of talking about religion and the Book of Mormon, I testified of the truthfulness of the book and he accepted and took it!! It felt sooo amazing. Over the entire hour and a half I gave out 5 Book of Mormons. So 5 down, hopefully hundreds to go. :) 

Mondays here are becoming sad because we have to say goodbye to our friends. This week our Brazilian roomates left. For Brazilians going to Brazil missions they are only here for 3 week and since they got here when we did it was time for them to head out to their assigned missions. Elder Freitas and Elder Barrozo are two studs and they will impact a lot of people. Also our zone leaders left and they were huge examples to me of obedient missionaries and nice guys so I was sad to see them go.

Sunday night for devotional we watched a MTC Broadcast from September. It was so fantastic to hear Elder Oaks, A called apostle of Jesus Christ speak! I loved every second.

So concerning my mission specifically. Remember how I said I was the only missionary at the MTC (called the CTM in Brazil) going to my specific mission? Turns out that this week some Brazilians got here that are going to my mission too. I haven't been able to talk to them yet or even find them but I have been told they are real and here! HAHA! Hopefully it is true. Also I have been asking as many people as possible what they know about the area my mission covers. They all say it is hot, a really cool area to be, and the people are crazy and different but super nice. I am getting more excited to get there every day. 

Anyways the rest of the week has been our normal schedule. Lots of learning, teaching, and improving in Portuguese! Talk to you all next week!

Love you all!

Elder Spencer P. Christofferson

Q and A of some of the questions I sent Spencer this week:
1. How has the food been at the MTC? What kinds of things are you
eating and do you like it? I sent you a pizza and cookies thru Mr.
Cheney's. I guess you need to go over there to pick it up. They said
they would send a message to you so you know to go over and get it. If
you haven't had a chance to get there make sure you go today, or you
can pick it up next pday if its too late today!

The food here is hit or miss…I got your letters from Mr. Cheneys ( again on Thursday so it worked perfectly. I also sent pics from there (we haven’t received the pics so aren’t sure what happened there yet) and picked up my pizza! Haha! That was a nice surprise so thanks!! :)

2. How many missionaries are currently in the MTC? How many English
speaking learning to speak Portuguese, how many Spanish speaking
learning to speak Portuguese, and how many Portuguese speaking who
aren't learning a new language?

I dont know exactly how many missionaries are here. Aroudn 300 I think, but really no idea about the rest

3. Some of the moms on the facebook Brazil missionary mom page said
that there has been a lot of sickness going around at the MTC there. Have
you been sick? Hoping everyone is getting better now.

I just got a little cold but I’m doing fine.

4. How often will you get to go to the temple? Is it every Pday or
every few weeks?

We get to go every week! It’s awesome!

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