Thursday, July 21, 2016


44 hours after leaving home and 24 hours after he was originally supposed to arrive, Elder Christofferson FINALLY made it to the MTC.  We are thrilled he is finally there all safe and sound! I emailed him last night knowing he'd be able to email us once he arrived to let us know he was ok and asked him a bunch of questions. He did a good job answering them! :-) Questions are in parenthesis.  Here is his first letter:

Hi Mom!! We finally made it to the MTC! It is noon here on the 21st. So to answer all your questions...

1. (Did you ever meet up with the other 4 elders? When and where did you end up finding them?)
We saw 3 of the Elders in ATL before we took off to JFK but they were on the direct flight to Brazil which wasnt until 9. They said 2 of the elders had gotten a different flight to Orlando then to Brazil and we finally met up with those 2 here at the MTC. The other 3 got one added in ATL so we met up with them to a total of 6 at the airport and just drove here. 
2. (Elder Mabey's mom found me on facebook after you called last night. Did you like him?)
Yes he's nice! We got along great and he just went with it like me. 
3.(Did you ever find any toiletries for the hotel? )
Yes we found tooth brushes.
4. (How did the luggage situation go when you finally got to Sao Paulo?) 
When we got to Sao Paulo our stuff was just here! It was sweet.
5. (I'm so glad you had your carryon with extra clothes.  I'm guessing you probably stayed in your suit though?) 
Yes I wore my suit again the second day and just changed the "essentials" :-).
6. (What did you guys do all day while you waited to go back to the airport?) 
We slept in a bit since we didnt get to the hotel and to sleep until about 230 AM. Then we got ready and went back to the airport, checked in again and hung out til our flight.
7. (How was the flight from JFK to Sao Paulo? Did you get any sleep?)
The flight from JFK was AMAZING!!! And that is because both me and Elder Mabey got 1st class seats somehow! hahaha. They were the single ones that layed all the way down and we got like full meals and stuff. It was awesome. I slept most of it.
8.(When you write back we would love to hear all the details you can think of. You know me! I need to know it all!) 
I dont have too much time right now but I met a Brazilian family on our flight to JFK and they were really awesome and nice so that made me really excited. Seeing NYC was really cool too. So my next P-day is a week from tomorrow (Friday). So I am not allowed to email anyone else right now because of time so if you could let everyone know I will email them back on my first Pday next week. 

I love you guys!!!! Happy Bday to Avery yesterday!! Tell everyone else I love them and that I will email them next week!! 


Elder Christofferson

Elder Christofferson's email address is He'd LOVE to hear from you! If you'd like his physical mailing address let me know and I'll get it to you!


  1. Yay! So fun to hear that he finally arrived. First class no less...., he must be living right, right??? Love to you all and thanks for sharing his talk. I'll be sharing it with Grandma before the end of the week!!