Monday, November 14, 2016

Last Week of this Transfer

Hi Everybody!!!

I hope that your week was great!! This week was normal for us! Lots of ups and a few downs but what's new? 

Tuesday is always a big work day because we have nothing marked for that day. It always feels like the biggest work day and this week was no exception. We did a lot of verifications again. It is great because we normally get two things done, we find out about an inactive member and at the same time, we talk with a neighbor or person on the street to ask about the inactive member. Doing this gets us new investigators. One disappointing thing that I am starting to see is that we have a lot of people that let us teach the 1st lesson and seem really promising. We have great, spiritual lessons with them but then later in the week, when we try to go back or teach them again, they flake. It is sad because I know that they felt the Spirit in our first lesson, but for some reason or another they don't want to hear anymore. 

Wednesday we had a "District" meeting but it was pretty much a Zone meeting. The Assistants were in our zone to give training so we had a district meeting with the entire zone, haha. During our training from the assistants they made us leave the chapel and go out onto the street and make contacts for 10 minutes. It made me realize how used to all this missionary stuff I am. I had no fear, whatsoever. Talking to people has become my life. So far being on a mission is the only time during life that talking to strangers feels normal and is actually encouraged! Man I love this missionary life!

Thursday we taught the family that we found last week. Rafael, Emanuela, and their 11 year old daughter. We taught them about the Book of Mormon. I love teaching about it. The Book of Mormon is the key that opens the door to salvation. Having a testimony about it leads to everything else. That is why it is so important. Our lesson went really well. Rafael is awesome. He understands and really wants to know if this is all true. His wife is a little tougher. She is really shy and timid. She wouldn't pray at the end of the lesson because she was too embarrassed but we are not giving up on her. I know she has felt the Spirit during our lessons. I know she just needs to let the fullness of it in to her heart.

Lastly, Patrick. I have written about Patrick many times over the past weeks. He is the brother of a guy named Jonathon who Elder Santana, my last companion, and I met when we were walking down the street one of my first weeks here. When we went to Jonathon’s house, he wasn’t home but Patrick was and we started teaching him. He is 27 years old and is awesome. He has a vision for his life and is dedicated to his work and school. He has been an investigator for a few months now and I have seen how he has changed in these last couple of months. I think the reason I love him so much is because he is “MY” investigator.  He is such a great guy and I know how the Gospel will bless his life.  I can just see him married in the temple, serving in the church and being a great member in the future! I remember the first few times we talked with him he was really shy and quiet. But these days he is different. He jokes around with us, fulfills all the commitments, and is a happier person in every part of his life. His only need was to come to church. That was the one thing he had not done until yesterday! And guess what? HE CAME TO CHURCH!! I was SOOOO happy. Patrick has been my investigator for a while now and I love the guy so much and want him to get baptized. Hopefully these next few weeks he will continue to progress.

So this is the beginning of the last week of this transfer! It is so crazy because Elder Quintana is finishing his mission and will be going home. He’s a great companion and even though he is getting excited to go home, which is expected, he is still working really hard. 

One experience I had this week while talking to a non member really got me thinking about all the people in the world who believe in the Savior in one way or another.  It made me realize, in a way I never have thought about before, just how influential Jesus Christ was in his short time here on earth. What is truly amazing is how influential He STILL is in the world. SO many millions of people believe in Christ. I love His gospel, I love the scriptures. I love you all! But most importantly I love our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Have a fantastic week everybody!!

Elder Spencer P. Christofferson

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