Monday, October 24, 2016

"I LOVE this work!"

Quieros, one of our Investigators   

Hi Everybody!

I hope you are all doing good and had a great week! This past week for me was good. I’m getting used to the new companion, Elder Quintana, and settling into this transfer. 

On Wednesday of last week I hit my 3-month mark which is weird because I feel like I was just writing about being gone for 2 weeks!

So this week was a lot of work. On Tuesday we started to take on the monstrous task of finding and talking to less active members on the 33 page list we got from the Bishop. While doing this it has been cool to see how we find others who want to learn about our beliefs and they become investigators. For example we were looking for this one girl on our list but she was not home. Her older sister was though and we taught her a lesson right there. Then we returned 2 other times during the week to teach her more! 

One thing I have learned this week is that I really love these less active members. And it makes me think of some of the people in my life who are less active. I feel such a great love for all of them and I just wish they could see the blessings they are missing out on. I think we can just keep loving them and know that whatever happens, happens for a reason and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love them no matter what.

Anyway, when we meet these less active members, we talk to them for a while and they explain their situation of why they do not come to church anymore. For example on Wednesday night we found and were talking to this woman named Anna. She explained her situation and how now she goes to a different church. She literally said to us "I like my church, it is good, but something is 'off.' I cannot explain it." I told her that the empty feeling, the feeling that something is missing can be found and maybe she can find it if she returns . We talked with her for a long time but in the end she still said she did not want to come back. I wanted so badly to just make her be able to see what she is missing. But like it was said in General Conference, "Some people might not be ready to learn and accept the Gospel when we are ready to teach." 

Thursday morning we were just getting up and out of bed when our cell phone rang, which does NOT happen that early in the morning. It was President Bangerter (our Mission President)! He said he was in Itabuna that morning and that he wanted to meet with us. We were a little nervous but he was meeting with all of the missionaries in our zone for training and interviews. I love President Bangerter! He is such a great leader. He gives such great advice and guidance. When I met with him I expressed to him how much I do not feel like a trainee because I am the missionary who stayed in this area and am showing my companion around and introducing him to people. Pres. Bangerter said he knew that would happen and he did it on purpose because he knew I could handle it. Elder Quintana is good and because our native languages are English and Spanish (him),  I am speaking Portuguese 24/7 now so that is good too! Talking in English to President was strange. One thing I learned from President Bangerter is that I realized from him that I need to be more bold in my teaching and talking to people. Just say it how it is and not beat around the bush.

I have been reading the Book of Mormon more than I ever have in my life. Man it is an awesome book. It is like a whole different book this time reading it than other times I've read it. Really try to read it with the whole family. I know how hard it is with our family's crazy schedule but like Elder Holland said we get blessed for trying. 

I am experiencing the highs and lows of a mission for sure. One of the most heartbreaking things is when people say they will come to church but then they don't.  It is so frustrating because if they do not come then we can not do anything to help them in their lives. But also the high's. Like when we find a perfect investigator. We found an AWESOME man named Dario on Saturday and we are going back to teach him tomorrow. 

Lastly, one of the “highs” of the week, the Sisters had this investigator named Queiroz. He was not very religious  before but has been an investigator for a long time. He is an awesome man. He is around 60 years old and has never gone to any church. But he has been coming to our meetings. Last week the Sisters realized that he actually lives in our area. So he is our responsibility! Friday night he invited us and the Sisters over for dinner. We had a hilarious and fun dinner and then I said, "Queiroz what is holding you back from getting baptized?" He then explained his whole life story pretty much and all of his beliefs. I just talked with him boldly, like President had said, and we all had a really spiritual experience. He came to church again on Sunday!

I love this work!

I love you all and I love our Savior Jesus Christ!

Elder Spencer P. Christofferson
District Meeting 
Elder Quintana  
More with Quieros 

Dinner with Quieros and the sister missionaries

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